Luanne Marten doesn’t just sit at home painting pretty pictures.

Well, okay, she does.

She paints pretty pictures that can be used on products like paper goods, stationery, textiles, home décor, and fine art. Prior to focusing on acrylic painting and art licensing, she illustrated nearly 40 children’s books for educational and trade publishers as well as many children’s magazine pieces, including Highlights, Highlights High Five and others.

As a professional illustrator for 20 years, Luanne is skilled in traditional media but is also a skilled digital illustrator and designer. Initially sketched on paper, the majority of her children’s illustration work for the past 10 years has been painted in Photoshop. As a part-time graphic designer for nine years, she is also proficient in Illustrator. Her digital skills lend flexibility and speed to any client request.

Luanne has degrees in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Social Work and spent her sophomore college year in England studying and traveling the Continent. When she isn’t using brush, palette, or pixels, she likes to read thrillers, browse estate sales,  and plan future travels.

Fun Facts:

  • She fondly remembers her pet pig named Frank but currently has no pigs at her Kansas City, Missouri, USA home.
  • She’s the mother of four genius grown sons, four wonderful and equally genius daughters-in-law and five adorable and perfect grandchildren.
  • Favorite color: The Color Formerly Known as Aqua.
  • Sometimes she has gray hair.